The Maplewood Memorial Library Foundation is preparing to launch the "Writing A New Story" Campaign that will incorporate funding support from both public and private sources. The Foundation's Board and the Campaign Committee will focus its efforts to attract and secure up to $3 million in philanthropic investments towards the $22.5 million overall goal to assist in underwriting this extraordinary and historic effort.


Find out the latest on our proposed plans to renovate and improve the Maplewood Memorial Library. 

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Below are the details of all the due diligence involved in the selection of Sage and Coombe as our architects as well as other important background information regarding the multi-year process of redesigning our library.

Library Trustees Select Architectural Firm for a 21st Century Library

Following an extensive RFQ and RFP process, the Maplewood Memorial Library Board of Trustees awarded a contract to Sage and Coombe LLP to create a conceptual design for the Main Library at 51 Baker Street.